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Optimizing Solutions For: Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities | Government Health Policies & Initiatives | Non-Profits

Healthcare Consulting

By employing evidence-based strategies, together we’ll achieve your goals of running a program or department more efficiently, identifying cost savings opportunities, or building a better team culture. No matter what challenge you are facing, our team has the experience and tenacity to break down barriers and open communications that lead to a better tomorrow.

Previous Achievements:

  • Improved Alachua County’s data quality for COVID-19, taking it from less than 10% to 98% in just two weeks.
  • Developed messaging strategy to implement smoke-free housing across Miami-Dade County
  • Assisted the Florida State Surgeon General in tackling the obesity epidemic through the Healthiest Weight Florida Initiative


Government Consulting

Leverage our deep expertise and networks across the public, private and social sectors to affect change where it is needed most. Emmanuel and his Foundation have collaborated across local, national, and international government agencies to uncover new insights that guide their sound policy recommendations. Ultimately, helping to improve the communities and constituents at the heart of it all is what drives our passion for results.

Nonprofit Consulting

As the founder of non-profits in the US and Nigeria, Emmanuel can help other groups avoid beginner pitfalls so that they can maximize their impact when establishing their own non-profits. Part of his multi-step approach includes solidifying operational efficiency to ensure supplies and materials are delivered to where they are needed quickly without bureaucratic delays or unnecessary expenses.

Public Speaking

Leave your audience feeling inspired with a keynote or guest speaker appearance by Emmanuel Osemota. As an educated and experienced Public Health Strategist whose passion for what he does was inspired by his own near-death experience with Malaria, Emmanuel embodies the true meaning of public service.

His commitment to identifying efficiencies, improving communications, and affecting change in the public and private sectors all stem from his desire to help people and communities in need.

As a Florida task force member who helped teach and improve contract tracing methodologies during the COVID-19 outbreak and as a Founder of an international non-profit organization, Emmanuel’s talks are rich with stories that illustrate the importance of making a difference and working for a better tomorrow in the face of extreme challenges.

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