One Man’s Dream To Change The World by Lifting People Out of Poverty by Empowering Them to be Self Sustainable

Over the past 15 years, Emmanuel has been an advocate for the less privileged. He has worked diligently providing humanitarian aid for his local community in Nigeria as well as the United States. 

Emmanuel has empowered thousands of individuals through his foundation The Emmanuel Osemota Foundation.

consultant for various healthcare organizations
consultant for various healthcare organizations


Emmanuel J. Osemota, was born in a small diverse town called Auchi, Edo State Nigeria where he grew up. His parents instilled in him to be respectful, hardworking and to always give back.

Emmanuel found his love for helping people in the community at a tender age of 15. He started out volunteering with local kids projects by setting up and coordinating vaccinations to protect them against polio disease.

While volunteering to help save others, his life completely changed when he contracted malaria and almost lost his own life.

But in that instance as he was fighting for his life and was surrounded by doom and gloom in physician shortage hospital…

He was met by the most inspirational and compassionate doctor that nursed him back to health. It was at that moment he knew his destiny was to give back by saving others.


Emmanuel immigrated to the USA, the land of opportunity and started at Florida International University (FIU)

He received his Bachelor’s in Biology at FIU, where he also served as Senator at Large with the Student Government Association. 

As a student Senator, Emmanuel was able to represent student concerns, coordinated between students and university and wrote various bills, and addressed members of Florida House in the state capitol assembly on behalf of students regarding several issues.

Emmanuel was instrumental in incorporating free student software services, such as Microsoft Office for all students.

With all his success and hard work, Emmanuel made many life long friendships which include the president of the university; Dr. Rosenberg.

Emmanuel’s passion for Public Health has led him to work with the Florida Dept. of Health.

As an Intern, he served as a member of the Healthiest Weight Florida Initiative, initiated by the then State Surgeon General, tackling obesity in Florida. 

Also, he has worked  as an Health Educator and  Health Policy Analyst where he served as a member on the smoke-free environments initiative through Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Partnership to Improve Community Health (PICH).

He assisted county commissioners and housing authorities in crafting, adopting and implementing smoke-free policies in public housing in Miami-Dade County.

While pursing his Master’s in Public Health at FSU, and as a future leader, he was selected as a Class X Fellow to the state’s most prestigious public leadership fellowship: The Florida Gubernatorial Fellows Program, with the Executive Office of the Governor. 

Where he attended weekly events and policy seminars led by state leaders, including the then Gov. now Sen. Scott, Chief Inspector General of Florida; Hon. Melinda Miguel, State Surgeon General, and various heads of state agencies, and elected representatives.

Emmanuel was placed in the Florida Department of Elder Affairs’ where he reviewed the Statewide Public Guardianship Office plans/policies that identified how the $3 million approved by Florida’s FY 2014-2015 budget was to be spent.

Emmanuel researched and created a strategic plan that outlines recommended steps to improve program efficiency and effectiveness of Statewide Public Guardianship Office in Florida.

These recommendations have been used in different US State’s Public Guardianship Office across the country.

Emmanuel has worked as an Assessor, with Florida Dept. of Elder AffairsComprehensive Assessment in Broward County.

Where he performed CARES assessments, a Florida’s federally mandated pre-admission screening program for individual who requests Medicaid reimbursement for nursing facility placement, or who seeks to receive home and community-based services through Medicaid waivers.

Emmanuel collaborated with other healthcare professionals in reviewing applications in order to determine the level of care that is most appropriate for each applicant.

consultant for various healthcare organizations
consultant for various healthcare organizations


Emmanuel’s commitment to service is unparalleled, through his Foundation, The Emmanuel Osemota Foundation.

Emmanuel has empowered thousands of people in Nigeria and Africa

Emmanuel believes in empowerment because without that,  philanthropy has unintentionally caused more harm than good in developing countries. 

Philanthropy most times drives out the local businesses because they provide what these local businesses already produced.  

Philanthropy rather should focus on sustainability, meaning, philanthropy should listen, actually hear what the community needs, and collaborate with local communities. 

By this, philanthropy can work! 

By empowering local communities to fulfill their fullest potential!

Philanthropy redefined...


We live in a dangerous world…

Make no mistake, and Sub-Sahara Africa is not immune from danger. 

Unfortunately, many Africans are exposed to many dangers such as human trafficking, kidnapping, and many more unimaginable horrors.

Emmanuel’s impact on helping his fellow Nigerians extends to the country at large…

Emmanuel helped in several negotiations and provided funds to families impacted by the kidnappings inflicted on innocent people by the Nigerian underworld.

While in the USA, no matter how many calls and messages he receives from distressed families in Nigeria at however inopportune the time of day…

Emmanuel strives to come through each and every time.

The truth is that he is willing to be and must be flexible…

“We do it because Tomorrow needs her” — Emmanuel

persoal life


Emmanuel is passionate and driven by his dream of changing the world for the next generations to come.  Emmanuel lives in Florida and is making a difference in the lives of Floridians.


Healthcare • Government  • Non-Profit Consulting • Speaking Engagements

Emmanuel has worked internationally and locally as a consultant for various healthcare organizations and agencies to create, analyze, implement evidence based strategies in helping them restructure, reorganize and resolve their challenges.

Emmanuel’s consultation has helped these various health organizations to achieve their goals of running efficiently, saving costs, and creating good working environment. Which in the long run has helped their consumers, as well as their workers.

Emmanuel is readily available for healthcare organization consulting in the USA, Europe and across the globe.

Emmanuel has worked as a consultant with local and international governmental agencies.

Pulling from his deep expertise and network across the public, private and social sectors, he has provided both local, state and federal government leaders and agencies with new insights, new recommendations, and sound policies in helping them improve the communities and the citizens they serve.

Emmanuel is readily available for governmental policy consulting in the USA, Europe and across the globe.

Emmanuel has an established registered non-profits both in the USA and Nigeria.

Emmanuel has been hired as a consultant to setup new non-profits, as well as making already established non-profits to be more efficient.

He has gain first-hand knowledge on non-profits by working with local communities and local government leaders both in the USA and Nigeria, as well as partnering with sister organizations across the globe. 

Emmanuel is available for non-profits consulting.

Emmanuel’s vast knowledge and passion about changing the world has led him to inspire so many people around the world.

His dream is to empower individuals in this generation to make the world a better place for the next generation.

Emmanuel is available for speaking, interviews and podcasts. 

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